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The Bhutan film Trust acts as an agent / assistent to some of the most talented Bhutanese film directors. The Bhutan Film Trust also assist International Film Festival directors and programming departments to  have films from Bhutan screened at their festivals.

The Trust invites you to become a member of the Bhutan film community and to share your networks, expertise and funding opportunities. You may also choose to become a Maecenas to a Bhutanese film maker and support his or her career.

We offer you the latest films from Bhutan, personal updates, invitations for film screenings, premieres and meet and greets with directors and actors. We will arrange your travel to Bhutan to visit film sets and experience the beauty of the country, its people and it’s hidden treasures.

Please contact us at: for detailed information and if you want to become part of the Bhutan film community.

Bhutan Film Trust Brochure

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