‘Prophecy’ selected and awarded at SRFF, New York, March 2017


‘Prophecy’ selected and awarded at SRFF, New York, March 2017

Prophecy  first feature film by Zuri Rinpoche was officially selected for screening at the Socially Relevant Film Festival, 13 – 19 March 2017 in New York and won the Best Narrative Feature Award.

Prophecy tells the story of an ancient scripture and the journey of a monk and a young girl in search of the true meaning of the Terma. What they discover changes their lives and challenges traditional believes and accepted social values.

Thanks to the Dutch connection of the Bhutan Film Trust, Prophecy being a Bhutanese film, is included in the Dutch film programme supported by Dutch Culture USA. The Bhutan Film Trust is coordinated by bhutan+partners, a Dutch NGO, registered in The Netherlands. The screening format was produced by Open Studio, Amsterdam.

The Bhutan Film Trust submitted Prophecy in an early stage. The Trust sent information and the screening format to the festival organisation, and connected the festival director Nora Armani to Loday Chophel, the lead actor and editor of the film.

Loday Chophel traveled to New York to attend the Screening, join the Q&A session on 18 March and to receive the Best Narrative feature award. The Q&A was also joined by Elena Pakhoutova, curator at the Rubin Museum of Art. Ms Pakhoutova is specialised in Himalayan art and Tertons.

Erica Sluyters, Bhutan Film Trust, coordinated with the Dutch press and cultural officer at the Dutch Consulate in New York, Ms Vera Kuipers, regarding the programme.