This page contains links for scriptwriters, directors, producers and co-producers. It directs you to funds, networks and workshops. The list is by no means complete to please let us know of any valuable links you have come across so that we add it to this page.

funding programs
Asian Cinema Fund –
Berth Britdoc –
Fondation AlterCine –
HongKong – Asia Film Financing Forum –
Hubert Bals Fund –
Indépendant filmmaker project –
Medienboard –
Women in Film –
World Cinema Fund –

co-productions with European filmmakers
Crossing borders, dare to dream –
Documentary compus –
European Cinema Support: Eurimages –

other useful programs
Asian Film Market –
Indie Wire –
No film school –
Raindance –
Video and filmmaker –

useful information for co-producers
Bhutan film festival Beskop Tshechu
Bhutan film association      
Bhutan film facebookpage   
Imdb source for movie content       
Department of Information and Media, Royal Government of Bhutan