International Co-productions

The Bhutan Film Trust encourages international co-productions to instigate learning opportunities for Bhutanese filmmakers and technicians and to expand international networks and screening opportunities.

We welcome international filmmakers to co-produce their films with Bhutanese professionals. To make use of the breath-taking sceneries and beautiful architecture (Dzongs). To get inspired by the friendliness and authenticity of the Bhutanese and the craftsmanship of Bhutanese film technicians.

The international acclaimed documentaries, BlØF in Bhutan (2006), 86centimetres… (2011)  co-produced by Dorji Wangchuk and LLink (Dutch broadcasting service) and Tshering Gyeltshen and bhutan+partners in The Netherlands, were mainly filmed with Bhutanese cameramen, sound engineers and editors. The documentary The next Guardian, (2017) was co-directed by Arun Bhattari and Dorottya Zurbó and a Bhutan and Hungary co-production. It is travelling the world fast!

The documentary 86centimetres… about the dangers of melting glacial lakes in Bhutan won the first prize at the Kathmandu Mountain Film Festival 2013.

The Bhutan Film Trust in collaboration with Bhutanese partners support international producers and directors with crew selections, casting, location search, formalities and logistics to film in Bhutan.

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