Bhutan film trust supports two new shorts, 24 April 2015

The Bhutan Film Trust supports two new shorts: 'The Bow' by Kinley Tshering and 'The Precious Stone' by Tashi Dorji. Both producers applied for support in the 1st application round 2015. The Board of Trustees granted 5000 Euro each contributing towards production, postproduction and distribution of the films. The trust members regard both proposals as being poetic and intriguing examples of authentic Bhutanese stories with potential to make it to the international arena.  

Bhutan international film festival 2015, 11 February 2015

The International Film Festival from 14 to 18 February 2015 was one of the major events of the Bhutan International Festival 2015. The Bhutan Film Trust supported the film festival and promotes the opening film Kushuthara, pattern of love, by Karma Deki. Her film is included in the Bhutan Film Trust portfolio. Thimphu hosted the Bhutan International Festival from 14 to 23 February 2015. The festival, a non-profit annual event, creates a platform for the creative arts in Bhutan. It provides an outlet for artists from across the nation, and invites a cultural exchange with artists from around the world. With a national arts exhibition, photo competition, film festival, concerts, food section and workshops the festival program attracts visitors as well as professional artists and musicians.

Bhutan films go international, 6th February 2015

The short 'Lo Sum Choe Sum"- three years, three months retreat - by young film professional Dechen Roder was screened at Berlin International Film festival, 5 - 15 February 2015. Ms Roder traveled to Berlin to attend the screening and expand her professional network. 'The Red Door', short by Tashi Gyeltshen was screened at Jaipur International Film festival, 1 - 5 February 2015, and was nominated in the competition category short fiction. Mr Gyeltshen attended the festival to expand his network. 'The Red Door' was also officially selected by the Dutch Mountain Film festival, 23 February - 1 March 2015 in The Netherlands. 'The Red Door' competes for the DMFF Award. Dechen Roder and Tashi Gyeltshen also attended the Environmental Film Festival in March 2015 in Washington. The Bhutan Film Trust registered ‘’The Red Door’ through IMDb and support Dechen Roder and Tashi Gyeltshen.

Bhutan Film Trust portfolio

The Bhutan Film Trust portfolio includes films by Tashi Gyeltshen, Dechen Roder and the animation Ap Bokto. The online portfolio is presented at the International Film festival Rotterdam 2015.

Website launch

our website launch The Bhutan Film Trust website is open to public since November 2014. The Trust also uses the face book page  with updates and news about projects going on and film related issues from Bhutan. With three calls for entry the Bhutan Film Trust starts to operate officially from |January 2015.
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