‘birds in cages’ best short film at Fiji, 4 August 2015


‘birds in cages’ best short film at Fiji, 4 August 2015

‘Birds in Cages’ by producer Karma Deki, won the Golden Rose Trophy and the certificate of Merit for the best short film at Fiji International Film Festival 2015. The award ceremony took place on 25 July 2015. 75 films were showcased under the short and documentary Section. Congratulations to Karma Deki and her crew and cast!

Birds in Cages is a story of two intimate friends, Dechen and Pema, both afflicted by hardships throughout their life. Dechen is a gorgeous girl from a middle class family. Her father’s greed for wealth and debt from his gambling has compelled her to marry an elderly man in the neighborhood who is indeed elder than her father. Reluctantly, she marries the man but he comes home only whims and fancy.
Pema gets influenced by the circle of friends into prostitution. When she later decides to turn a new leaf of her life, she is at the mercy of her husband who burrows her past but beats her up every time he hears about it. She attempts  to change his life but does not succeed.

The film is 27 mins shot on 5D camera. It has english subtitles.

Karma graduated from the NY film Academy and produces films through her company Bhutan infotainment. Her latest feature is ‘Kushutara – pattern of love‘ – the feature is the story of two young people each born in a different place of the world who finally met in Bhutan and discover that they do share ancient and karmic lives and love, connected through a thin thread of wool. The film was shot on a RED camera depicting the beauty of Bhutan and the colours of weaving.