About Us

bhutan+partners and Bhutanese filmmakers founded the Bhutan Film Trust in 2014.

Bhutan has a vibrant film industry with over 200 actors, directors, producers and crewmembers. Over 20 productions are being realised annually. The country, with breath-taking sceneries and amazing stories and myths, inspire a large international audience.

The Bhutan Film Trust promotes the development of film in Bhutan. The Trust provides development funding to talented filmmakers: documentary, short, feature, arts and animation.

The Bhutan Film Trust allows filmmakers to take significant steps in the development of their film. Filmmakers can present proposals for scriptwriting, editing, postproduction and for professional training or master classes.Potential for international exposure is a condition.

The Bhutan Film Trust contributes to film festivals in Bhutan and assists in screenings of films by Bhutanese directors at major international film festivals.

Bhutan Film Trust brochure 2016

Bhutan Film Trust strategy paper

Bhutan Film Trust – regulation July 2015

Bhutan Film Trust organisation

The Bhutan Film Trust is registered in the Netherlands. Bhutan+partners, the Netherlands, coordinate the Trust with Karma Luday, liaison officer in Bhutan. The board of Trustees consists of three Dutch members and is advised by the Strategic Advisory Committee from Bhutan and a Technical Committee with Bhutanese and European professionals.


Board of Trustees


Ms. Lem van Eupen – Faculty director/dean at the Faculty of Communication and Journalism at HU University of Applied Sciences

Peter Schrurs march 2015

Mr. Peter Schrurs – member of the media and film committee of the National Council of Culture and course coordinator international broadcast management RNTC. Former: Managing director at VPRO – public broadcaster, Managing director School of Journalism Utrecht, member of the commission innovation and future of the Press, member of the advice committee of the Dutch television and film academy.


Strategic Advisory Committee


Ms. Françoise Pommaret – CNRS (France) and ILCS, Royal University of Bhutan


Mr. Dorji Wangchuk – Dean External Relations & Development, Royal Thimphu College, Thimphu, Bhutan

lopen lungten

Lopen Lungtaen Gyatso – director Institute of Language and Culture Studies Bhutan


Technical Advisory Committee


Mr.Dorjee Tshering – Director General, former Director General, Department of Culture


Ms.Namgay Zam – Freelance Journalist

A European filmmaker will complement the technical advisory committee soon.


erica slutyers

Erica Sluyters – trust coordinator, lived in Bhutan between 1998 and 2002 and has been working as bhutan+partners office manager since 2002.

Henk Dejong

Henk de Jong- strategic advisor, lived and worked in Bhutan from 1998 to 2002 and acted as bhutan+partners director since 2002. Henk was involved in business, culture – film production and arts. He was member of the research team that reported to the Royal Office of Media about the Bhutan film industry in 2011.

karma luday

Karma Luday – trust manager Bhutan. Karma was a Montessori teacher and HRM officer and joined the Bhutan film trust in 2014. She loves films, is an excellent communicator and liaison officer.